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Success: Taking It To The Next Level According To Don Hutson

Propelling your Network Marketing business to the next level

You’ve heard it said, “It was like drinking from a fire hydrant!” I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know those seminars where the speakers is so good and has so much great information to share that it’s just like drinking from a fire hydrant.

That’s what I experienced last Wednesday at the Talk Shoppe networking meeting in Memphis, TN. Don Hutson, who is an amazing motivator as well as best selling author and national speaker, spoke to a packed out room of eager listening independent business owners.  He gave so many life changing and business changing nuggets that my hand was cramping just trying to keep up taking notes. Halfway through I thought,”I can’t wait to share these nuggests on my blog!” But when I got home and read over my notes I realized there was too much good stuff to just try to squeeze into one post.  Therefore, I’m breaking it down into several parts to make it easier to really chew on what he said and get the most value out of every bit.

So here goes: taking it to the next level in your success.

We must BE better before we can DO better

What does this mean?

You may have heard it said that “Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.” There is so much that can be said about this! Do we want to be successful at our business?  Then we must be prepared. Who do you want to attract into your business?  Successful people attract successful people. A Successful person wants to join someone who already has a success plan in place. That’s why it is so important to prepare! If the type of person you want to attract comes into your circle of influence they will just pass you by if you aren’t prepared with a successful track in place.

Be better. What do you feed your mind? Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Do you see the positive or the negative in a situation or a person? What you feed your mind will greatly effect the way you see things and ultimately what you attract into your life.  Are you hanging around positive people? Are you reading positive books and listening to positive cds? This is one way to stay “up” as Don puts it.

Have an “UP” attitude.

You don’t see many winners whine or whiners win do you. That’s because winners have an up attitude.  People aren’t attracted to whiners.  Do you have a “victim” mentality?  People you are winners and successful high achievers know that it is up to them to CHOOSE their attitude.

When they have a negative circumstance they choose how they will look at it.

Successful people get over it fast. When something negative happens choose to get over it quickly.  They don’t mull over it and chew on it a while.  They learn from it, deal with it, then put it behind them and move on.

Successful people don’t let their ego eat their brain. Zig Ziglar calls this the “Egomania” disease. You don’t want this!

I want to leave you with this last valuable nugget that Don said. He asked the question:

“What is your personal propulsion?  What drives you? Motivates you? Propels you and moves you forward? It isn’t the same thing for everyone. It may be listening to a certain kind of music. (I love Stevie Wonder. His music really gets me going!) It may be starting the day with exercise or a brisk walk.  Maybe it’s reading the Bible and daily devotions. Maybe it’s reading certain motivational books or listening to a certain speaker.  You may have several. My personal propulsion may not be yours.  It’s important to find your propulsion and tap into it daily to keep you up and motivated to keep moving forward.

There is so much more to share with you that I gleaned from Don Hutson!  You can learn more from this inspiring speaker from his resources at Don Hutson.

I’d like to invite you to share your personal propulsion here in the comment box! I think it will be very interesting to hear what  you have to say!

To your success!



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