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Success: Taking It To The Next Level According To Don Hutson

Propelling your Network Marketing business to the next level

You’ve heard it said, “It was like drinking from a fire hydrant!” I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know those seminars where the speakers is so good and has so much great information to share that it’s just like drinking from a fire hydrant.

That’s what I experienced last Wednesday at the Talk Shoppe networking meeting in Memphis, TN. Don Hutson, who is an amazing motivator as well as best selling author and national speaker, spoke to a packed out room of eager listening independent business owners.  He gave so many life changing and business changing nuggets that my hand was cramping just trying to keep up taking notes. Halfway through I thought,”I can’t wait to share these nuggests on my blog!” But when I got home and read over my notes I realized there was too much good stuff to just try to squeeze into one post.  Therefore, I’m breaking it down into several parts to make it easier to really chew on what he said and get the most value out of every bit.

So here goes: taking it to the next level in your success.

We must BE better before we can DO better

What does this mean?

You may have heard it said that “Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.” There is so much that can be said about this! Do we want to be successful at our business?  Then we must be prepared. Who do you want to attract into your business?  Successful people attract successful people. A Successful person wants to join someone who already has a success plan in place. That’s why it is so important to prepare! If the type of person you want to attract comes into your circle of influence they will just pass you by if you aren’t prepared with a successful track in place.

Be better. What do you feed your mind? Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Do you see the positive or the negative in a situation or a person? What you feed your mind will greatly effect the way you see things and ultimately what you attract into your life.  Are you hanging around positive people? Are you reading positive books and listening to positive cds? This is one way to stay “up” as Don puts it.

Have an “UP” attitude.

You don’t see many winners whine or whiners win do you. That’s because winners have an up attitude.  People aren’t attracted to whiners.  Do you have a “victim” mentality?  People you are winners and successful high achievers know that it is up to them to CHOOSE their attitude.

When they have a negative circumstance they choose how they will look at it.

Successful people get over it fast. When something negative happens choose to get over it quickly.  They don’t mull over it and chew on it a while.  They learn from it, deal with it, then put it behind them and move on.

Successful people don’t let their ego eat their brain. Zig Ziglar calls this the “Egomania” disease. You don’t want this!

I want to leave you with this last valuable nugget that Don said. He asked the question:

“What is your personal propulsion?  What drives you? Motivates you? Propels you and moves you forward? It isn’t the same thing for everyone. It may be listening to a certain kind of music. (I love Stevie Wonder. His music really gets me going!) It may be starting the day with exercise or a brisk walk.  Maybe it’s reading the Bible and daily devotions. Maybe it’s reading certain motivational books or listening to a certain speaker.  You may have several. My personal propulsion may not be yours.  It’s important to find your propulsion and tap into it daily to keep you up and motivated to keep moving forward.

There is so much more to share with you that I gleaned from Don Hutson!  You can learn more from this inspiring speaker from his resources at Don Hutson.

I’d like to invite you to share your personal propulsion here in the comment box! I think it will be very interesting to hear what  you have to say!

To your success!



What It Means To Be A True Leader In Network Marketing

I really like how Jonathan Budd put it in his post and video. He explains that true leadership and success in Network Marketing isn’t about signing up a huge amount of people yourself.  It’s all about first, being totally accountable for where you are  and what you do. A true leader is constantly learning and growing and seeking out answers for himself.  Only then can you help someone else and teach them. But a true leader is someone who no longer “needs” help. Teaching others to get to that point is true help.

You don’t need to be a top recruiter, putting in huge amounts of people every day to be a successful true leader in network marketing. Network Marketing is about putting in a few people and teaching them how to do the same.  That is the key. It’s so much easier to teach 40 people to go out and bring in 1 person  than it is to personally go and bring in 40 yourself.

We lead by example by consistently bringing in a few and REALLY TEACHING them to do the same. It’s the truest example of the  saying:

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

What I like about Jonathan Budd is that he seems to really exemplify a true leader.

What about you? Are you ready to step up to the plate and be a true leader? Are you ready to teach others to do the same? It starts by being a continuous learning. Go up to the top of the page on the right and get my “5 Lessons of a Successful Home Business” to help you continue on the path of being a true leader.

To your success!



Bucket List: Never Stop Dreaming

Have you ever been to Dubai? I’m embarrassed to say that only a few years ago I had never even heard of the place.  There is a beautiful fountain in Dubai . They say it can shoot water up 50 stories high!  Would you like to go there and see it?  Are you in the position in life where you could go there, stay in the nicest hotel, eat from the best restaurants, shop at the best stores, and see this beautiful fountain?

As children, we had great imaginations. Little boys dream of becoming a fireman. Little girls dream of becoming an actress. When I was a child I would get in trouble for daydreaming in class too much. But somewhere along the journey to adulthood many of us gradually seem to lose that childlike ability to dream.  “Reality” sets in.  We have to think about the reality of making a living.

Why Dream?

Wouldn’t that be just living in a fantasy world and not the real world?  Aren’t we supposed to come down out of the clouds, act mature and responsible?

What about The American Dream?  Why do you think people came over in droves in the 1800’s? They came over from all around the world to have the freedom to live their dreams.  In their home countries, for various reasons they were not able to “gain” control of their lives like they wanted to.  So they uprooted their families, brought all their material possessions and came over to America to find their way – to “live their dream”!

Start Dreaming Again!

Did you see the movie The Bucket List? It’s about 2 men from very different walks of like, 1 from very modest means with a loving family and the other rich, sour and lonely. They were both diagnosed with terminal cancer and only given a couple of months to live.  Since they had to share their hospital room they got to know each other pretty well. One of the things they did was to write out their “bucket list”. This was a list of things they wanted to do before they died no matter how crazy. They sneaked out of the hospital together and one by one they accomplished everything on their lists – the absurd as well as the heartwarming, relationship healing items.

What about you? What’s on your bucket list? Most of us probably have more than a few months to live. Ask yourself some questions and start writing. Where do you want to be 5 or 10 years from now?

What would you like to do? Where would you like to go? What do you want to have?

What about a cause or charity?  Is there a special cause that is near and dear to your heart that you would love to make a difference? For me, one of my causes is helping to find a cure for Dystonia, a movement disorder. That is very near to my heart because my 20 year old son has it and there is no cure.

Don’t ever stop dreaming. This is a very important part of your success in your network marketing business.

To help you get the juices flowing, I want you to watch this very inspiring movie.  Then start writing.

Beach Money vs. Linear Income

Which would you rather have if you could choose?

Let’s define the terms.
Linear income is money you receive from you own work.
Linear income is a predictable income you make working for someone else. You go to work, you receive a paycheck. When you stop, it stops.

Beach Money
is all about leveraging.  You make money whether you are at the beach having fun, playing with your kids or grandkids, eating out, or doing a specific activity related to your business.
Beach Money is leveraging off the work of others because of the work you put in previously to help them. In other words, getting paid over and over again for working one time.
Beach Money is passive income or residual income.  It’s income that is working for you . Beach Money is like “royalty income” that keeps coming in month after month.

Here is a diagram I learned about from Jordan Adler, author of Beach Money
and one of the most successful Beach Money earners I know.

Most people live under the 90% line.  This is the group that is basically just getting by living mainly paycheck to paycheck. At times this feels like captivity and it’s hard to imagine any way out!  Then there is the group that lives in the top 3%.  This group has found financial freedom.  They can pretty much do what they want, spend what they want, and give away as much as they want.  This is the group that has found true Beach Money.

But there is another group.  This is the 7% that has stepped over the line above the 90% and is working their way up to the 3%.
Which group are you in? How does someone make Beach Money and become financially free? How does one make leveraged income?

Some examples of leveraged income or beach money would be through royalties by cutting a record or writing a book. Another way is through investing in real estate. And yet another, is by learning internet and affiliate marketing. Each has it’s own pros and cons. Most of these options take talent, money to start with, or have a huge learning curve. But there is another way to make Beach Money that anyone can do without a huge financial investment, any special talent, and without a lot of foreknowledge.  And that is through network marketing.

Who Says?
During this time of economic uncertainty, more and more, big name people are recommending network marketing as a great way for the average person to make residual income.

Robert Kiyosaki of the best selling series, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, says,

“If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business.”

He also says that building a network marketing business….
… is a revolutionary way to achieve wealth.
… makes it possible for anyone to acquire great wealth.
… is open to anyone who has the drive, determination and perseverance.

David Bach, best selling author of The Automatic Millionaire,
and the Finish Rich series, is also a huge proponent of network marketing for gaining control of your finances and becoming financially free.

Think about! Which would you rather have? Linear income that stops when you stop or Beach Money that keeps coming in month after month after month no matter if you continue to work or not?

If you want to step over the line and head toward the 3% living with Beach Money then reach up and grab my

5 Lessons up on the right! Then get in touch with me and we’ll make a plan together!

Your Most Valuable Business Asset

In business, do you know what your most valuable asset is? Actually in all of life as well as in your business  your Network is one of your most valuable assets.  Without a network, you basically have no business!  If you have a full and growing rolodex that is being nurtured, it doesn’t matter what happens to your company, you can be up and running again in a new business in very little time.

Here is a story about this very thing. Jordan Adler, the top income earner in our business, had lost his highly successful business in Excel when the company went under.  When he decided to get involved in his current business he had a huge network of contacts.  He started out by just contacting his network and finding out how they were doing.  He also started sending lots of cards just to get in touch with people.  Now, 5 years later, he is the top income earner! It couldn’t have happened without a solid network or people and a good way of adding to his rolodex.  Here are some tips to help you add to your network and nurture it:

  1. Make it a goal to meet 1 new person each day.  Don’t prospect but just meet and make a new friend.  Get their address and birthday and add them to your contact manager.
  2. Start sending birthday cards and “just because” cards to get back in touch. You can check out the card system I’ve been using for my business right here.
  3. Send occasional emails and make a call to say, “What have you been up to?”
  4. Reconnect with old friends on facebook and genuinely care about what’s been going on in their life.
  5. Join networking groups to get to know new people.  Find out how you can help them.
  6. Read Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty by Harvey Mackay  This is one of the best books on understanding the importance of a solid network

There are many more ways to build your rolodex and nurture.  But when you get right down to it, it’s just a matter of making friends and caring about other people. Make it your goal to create and care for your network or people.

To your success!


aka. hopebuilder

Success According To Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler, leader in the network marketing industry, summed  up success on his Facebook by saying,

“Succeeding in ANY business requires consistent action, great relationships, a network of people, persistence, common sense, and A WILLINGNESS TO SEE THE JOB THROUGH! ‘Securing your spot’ has little to nothing to do with it!! Focus on the fundamentals to succeed in any business!”

Anyone who wants to succeed in any business should take heed! Make a poster! Post it up on your wall in your office, kitchen, above your computer, bathroom, or anywhere that you will see it often. For more success tips in building your mlm business, check out my 5 lessons at the top right!

To your success!


8 Crucial Qualities of A Good MLM Sponsor

In the 13 years I’ve been involved in Network Marketing I’ve had plenty of opportunity to observe and take note of what makes a good sponsor.  Many times, those  new to our industry have no idea how important it is to choose their MLM sponsor rather than sign up with the first person who comes along.  But if you have the opportunity to take your time and do a little research you will have the advantage of choosing your sponsor wisely.  Here are the top qualities you will want in a good mlm sponsor.

  1. Easily available to their team. One of the most frustrating situations is to be new in the business and not be able to reach your sponsor for help.  Of course no one is available 24/7.  But if they don’t return your emails or calls that is frustrating and leaves you with a feeling that they don’t really care about your success. So before you sign on the dotted line, make sure they will be there for you.
  2. Provides direction without “managing”. You are about to embark on your own business.  You don’t want someone who will try to micro-manage you and your business.
  3. Well connected to the company and up on all the “goings on”. Do they know and understand the new incentives for example and keep their team informed?
  4. Actively building their business with the company you are considering. Preferably, they aren’t in retirement with their business.
  5. A good connection. Be sure that when you talk to them or correspond with them you feel like they are really listening and you have a good rapport.
  6. Actively leading their team with recognition and training! This also means that they see relationships as very important to the life of the business because relationships are  the glue that holds the team together and keeps people in the game.
  7. Positive, upbeat and fun! You certainly don’t want  a sponsor who will drag you down!
  8. Strong integrity. What more can be said on this important point!

Since first writing this post, I’ve created a video on How to find a Good MLM Sponsor with a few more qualities as well.

I hope you enjoy!

So, take this to heart. Choose your sponsor wisely and you will have a much better chance of being extremely successful in Network Marketing! To gain a better understanding of how to build your business and how to be a good sponsor yourself, check out the “5 Lessons For A Successful Home Business” over in the right column!

To your success!


Looking for Aces – The Deck of Cards

The following post is was written after hearing a great conference call about recruiting where Adam Packard talked about looking for Aces.

We all have a deck of cards to start out with when prospecting for  our business and we know that we are looking for Aces. What we do with it is the key to whether or not we will be successful. Which one are you?

What is an Ace? An Ace is a  self starter, one who is motivated,  a producer, and one who doesn’t really need much help from you other than to get him started and understand the basics of your unique company and business.

  1. The Observer – This is the person who sits and stares at his deck, studies it, admires it but never turns the first card over. In our business, this is the person who studies, learns, and gets ready to get ready but never gets started showing the business opportunity to anyone.
  2. The Failed Magician – This person turns over the first card and sees that it is a 2.  But he knows he is looking for Aces so he crosses out the 2 and writes an Ace over it. They try to make someone an Ace who just isn’t one. It will never work. You will be frustrated and so will the 2. Instead, appreciate the 2 for who he is and what he wants out of this business, encourage him  and keep looking for an Ace.
  3. The Short-sighted Prospector – This person stops with the first Ace – Here is the person that once he finds an Ace gets so excited that he stops! He forgets that he has more Aces in his deck. This person will run into a very big problem.Either he will pour all his energy and time into this Ace and start to Manage him or he will sit down and relax, thinking that he has arrived.
  4. The Dealer – Who is this person? Here is the person who has stopped flipping and is now watching other flip their cards. He starts wondering when “they” are going to find their Aces. If he isn’t careful he will become a manager.
  5. The Distracted Seeker – This is the person who in mid game will turn and start playing another game. The successful  prospector will put his blinders on, stay focused and keep flipping the cards in his game.
  6. The Little Engine That Could –  The successful prospector is one who keeps flipping those cards even when he has found his first Ace. He supports and encourages the Ace but he keeps going. He keeps flipping because he knows that that is what it takes to make it in this exciting game.

So keep flipping, keep encouraging, and keep going!


Let’s Start At The Very Beginning – Your “Why”

No matter what your company is, no matter how in love you are with your product, if you don’t have a clear “why”, the chances of you lasting in network marketing are not very high. Your why is the BIG reason that will keep you going when the going gets rough. Your Why is what gives you the real “staying power”. Your real Why is never about money. Your driving factor is much bigger than money.

You see, knowing your “why” can help you to avoid bad decisions as well as give you a true “sticktuitiveness”.
You must have a compelling enough why. What do you want to do? Write it down. Keep drilling down to the emotion. I’ve heard it said, “You need the why that makes you cry.”
Here is how
Robert and Kim Kiyosaki say in their new book. The Business Of The 21st Century.

“What is important enough to you that you’ll make the time and devote the effort to building a business that generates its own income, and then use that income to build wealth that will take care of you for the rest of your life? Because if you don’t identify what that is, it’s just not going to happen.”

Here’s the thing. If you don’t have a compelling enough Why written out clearly, yes I mean written down on paper, you will lose sight of why you are doing this and the first little bump in the road, the first “no” could shut you down.
So take a few moments or however long you need. Really think about it. Why do you want to have a home-based business? Once you have it written down, put it in a place where you will read it daily.
Don’t put off this important first step. It could mean the difference between failure and success in your network marketing business! For more in depth help on
your why, grab a copy of the “5 Lessons For A Successful Home Business” up on the right!
To Your Success!


P.S. One of my whys is right on this page. Can you guess what it is? In the banner picture at the top of my blog is a picture of my oldest son and me at the beach in Florida. One of my whys is to take our whole family on exciting vacations at least once a year, all expenses paid.