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Making The Shift – Developing the Entrepreneur Mindset

If you are new to network marketing ┬áthis is an very important cd set to help you get started with the right mindset and understanding. If you are a seasoned network marketer you need to listen to it for a great refresher and for new ideas. It’s those small shifts in your thinking that can make a huge difference in turning your business around to a huge success!

In this 2-CD audio program, Success magazine Publisher Darren Hardy guides, motivates and inspires you on your journey as an entrepreneur and new business owner. You will learn the right mindset to succeed, five landmines (mistakes) to avoid, immediate actions you can take today for business success, and how to keep yourself motivated to grow your business.

After a new person listens to Making The Shift and gets their mindset properly adjusted, I recommend they watch these free videos from Mike Dillard about true Attraction Marketing. Whether you build online or off line, you MUST learn how to properly attract people or you have no business. After watching the videos, get his book. You will find it on the same page as the videos. It very inexpensive (only $39.95) and is considered by many to be the “Bible” of Attraction Marketers! Magnetic Sponsoring is the name of the game.

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