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Looking for Aces – The Deck of Cards

The following post is was written after hearing a great conference call about recruiting where Adam Packard talked about looking for Aces.

We all have a deck of cards to start out with when prospecting for  our business and we know that we are looking for Aces. What we do with it is the key to whether or not we will be successful. Which one are you?

What is an Ace? An Ace is a  self starter, one who is motivated,  a producer, and one who doesn’t really need much help from you other than to get him started and understand the basics of your unique company and business.

  1. The Observer – This is the person who sits and stares at his deck, studies it, admires it but never turns the first card over. In our business, this is the person who studies, learns, and gets ready to get ready but never gets started showing the business opportunity to anyone.
  2. The Failed Magician – This person turns over the first card and sees that it is a 2.  But he knows he is looking for Aces so he crosses out the 2 and writes an Ace over it. They try to make someone an Ace who just isn’t one. It will never work. You will be frustrated and so will the 2. Instead, appreciate the 2 for who he is and what he wants out of this business, encourage him  and keep looking for an Ace.
  3. The Short-sighted Prospector – This person stops with the first Ace – Here is the person that once he finds an Ace gets so excited that he stops! He forgets that he has more Aces in his deck. This person will run into a very big problem.Either he will pour all his energy and time into this Ace and start to Manage him or he will sit down and relax, thinking that he has arrived.
  4. The Dealer – Who is this person? Here is the person who has stopped flipping and is now watching other flip their cards. He starts wondering when “they” are going to find their Aces. If he isn’t careful he will become a manager.
  5. The Distracted Seeker – This is the person who in mid game will turn and start playing another game. The successful  prospector will put his blinders on, stay focused and keep flipping the cards in his game.
  6. The Little Engine That Could –  The successful prospector is one who keeps flipping those cards even when he has found his first Ace. He supports and encourages the Ace but he keeps going. He keeps flipping because he knows that that is what it takes to make it in this exciting game.

So keep flipping, keep encouraging, and keep going!


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