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Gratitude – The Prosperity Sauce

You’ve heard of Laws of Attraction. There is a “Law of Gratitude”. Do you know what that is?  The more you reach out in gratefulness to God, the source of all good things, the more He  draws near to you.

“Draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you.” That’s what the Bible says.

Many people who order their lives rightly in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude.  Having received one gift from God, they cut the wires which connect them with Him by failing to make acknowledgment.

To allow your mind to dwell on the negative and dissatisfaction, the more you will see things in a negative way and be more and more dissatisfied.  It’s like poverty thinking. If you dwell on what you don’t have, you will stay in that place.

With a heart of gratitude, our minds and our lives are open to much more abundance.

A grateful attitude is attractive –

  1. People are attracted to grateful people. Therefore, you will attract the right  people into your life and your business who are possitive and have a heart of gratitude.
  2. Prosperity is drawn to those who are positive with a grateful heart of appreciation. Prosperity is not drawn to a negative complainer and whiner.

Gratitude Journal

Do you struggle with being grateful? Maybe you should start a Gratitude Journal. Each morning and

evening jot dot several things your are grateful for. Read over them daily. By doing this it will show you so many more things to be thankful and grateful for and will totally change your perspective.

My challenge to you today is to develop the Gratitude Habit. When you wake up each morning start expressing your gratitude to God by naming what and who He has placed in your life. And throughout the day, especially when you feel yourself slipping into negative thinking, express gratitude.

Expect Success!


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