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Experiencing True Passive Residual Income: An Epiphany

I’ve had somewhat of an epiphany!

Recently I’ve come full circle. I’ve been experiencing true passive residual income over the past 3 years and it’s become more evident to me just lately. Where to begin?
Almost 15 years ago I got involved in my first Network Marketing business. For the first several years I worked hard at it, starting from total ignorance. My newcomer’s excitement and enthusiasm carried me through for a long time. And for the first several years I was not tempted whatsoever to look at another company. But then one day at a WAHM event someone from another company waved their big fat check in front of me and I was, for the first time, intrigued and curious. That started me on a path of {blush} “company jumping” on and off for about the last 10 years. My original company was always there and I would “work at it” on and off.  During the longest stint with another company ( almost the last 3 years ), my status and income remained secure and steady with my original company.  So when I received my residual bonus check this month it made me stop and reflect.
Why does this happen? What causes people to stick with a company for 15… 25…40 years? What is it about a product that would keep people coming back month after month? Here are my thoughts and reflections from personal experience and from the observation of many others:

  1. When someone has found a product that has changed their life and they won’t live without it,
  2. When that product is consumable they will order it over and over, month after month,
  3. When that same company has an autoship that helps these customers stay on their life changing products without missing a beat,
  4. When that company has a track record of over 55 years in business, in over 60 countries,
  5. When that company is at the cutting edge of scientific research and in many cases, ahead of the pack in research and discoveries,
  6. When that company has held a high level of integrity in the worlds of science and business,
  7. When that company has faithfully and generously supported it’s distributors and customers for all those years,
  8. When that company has people who have promoted these products steadily for many years, who have never wavered in their message,
  9. When many of those people have become life-long friends and like family that creates a certain kind of bond,
  10. When that company refuses to water down their life-changing formulas and ingredients in the face of a weakened economy,

…this is what results in True, Passive, Residual income!
This is what has caused me to do a double-take. This is what has caused me to appreciate my original company all over again and to ramp up actively sharing again the good the benefits of my original company and their life changing products and business opportunity.

Many good companies are out there. Many companies will come and go. But a company that has these 10 characteristics (and so many more qualities that I haven’t mentioned here) is one worth pursuing, promoting and sticking with for true, passive residual income! And this is what has caused me to come full circle and have my recent epiphany!

May these thoughts help you on your journey to residual income!

aka. hopebuilder

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2 comments on “Experiencing True Passive Residual Income: An Epiphany

  • Great blog, Dayna! As someone who also “company jumped” – I can relate. Once you find something that absolutely completes you in every way, shape and form, you don’t feel so compelled to jump to the next new shiny opportunity being waved in your face. Love it!

  • Amen Jess! Especially when the company meets all the criteria. Don’t you love it!

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