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Beach Money vs. Linear Income

Which would you rather have if you could choose?

Let’s define the terms.
Linear income is money you receive from you own work.
Linear income is a predictable income you make working for someone else. You go to work, you receive a paycheck. When you stop, it stops.

Beach Money
is all about leveraging.  You make money whether you are at the beach having fun, playing with your kids or grandkids, eating out, or doing a specific activity related to your business.
Beach Money is leveraging off the work of others because of the work you put in previously to help them. In other words, getting paid over and over again for working one time.
Beach Money is passive income or residual income.  It’s income that is working for you . Beach Money is like “royalty income” that keeps coming in month after month.

Here is a diagram I learned about from Jordan Adler, author of Beach Money
and one of the most successful Beach Money earners I know.

Most people live under the 90% line.  This is the group that is basically just getting by living mainly paycheck to paycheck. At times this feels like captivity and it’s hard to imagine any way out!  Then there is the group that lives in the top 3%.  This group has found financial freedom.  They can pretty much do what they want, spend what they want, and give away as much as they want.  This is the group that has found true Beach Money.

But there is another group.  This is the 7% that has stepped over the line above the 90% and is working their way up to the 3%.
Which group are you in? How does someone make Beach Money and become financially free? How does one make leveraged income?

Some examples of leveraged income or beach money would be through royalties by cutting a record or writing a book. Another way is through investing in real estate. And yet another, is by learning internet and affiliate marketing. Each has it’s own pros and cons. Most of these options take talent, money to start with, or have a huge learning curve. But there is another way to make Beach Money that anyone can do without a huge financial investment, any special talent, and without a lot of foreknowledge.  And that is through network marketing.

Who Says?
During this time of economic uncertainty, more and more, big name people are recommending network marketing as a great way for the average person to make residual income.

Robert Kiyosaki of the best selling series, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, says,

“If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business.”

He also says that building a network marketing business….
… is a revolutionary way to achieve wealth.
… makes it possible for anyone to acquire great wealth.
… is open to anyone who has the drive, determination and perseverance.

David Bach, best selling author of The Automatic Millionaire,
and the Finish Rich series, is also a huge proponent of network marketing for gaining control of your finances and becoming financially free.

Think about! Which would you rather have? Linear income that stops when you stop or Beach Money that keeps coming in month after month after month no matter if you continue to work or not?

If you want to step over the line and head toward the 3% living with Beach Money then reach up and grab my

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  • I like what you have done with this blog! Don’t you love Beach Money AND Jordan Adler? I love that he donates all of the proceeds from Beach Money to a charity.

    Very nicely done.

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