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My name is Dayna Camp. I’m a mom of 5 (mostly grown now) , 1 with special needs. Having had my own network marketing/mlm business now for 15 years, I have experienced many of the ups and downs people go through in this industry and have made some great income and some great friends in the process. Over the years I’ve read many books, listened to lots of cds, been to many workshops and conventions, and have taken scads of notes! In addition, for the last 2 years I’ve been learning about using the internet to enhance my network marketing business.

My experiences in Network Marketing have taken my husband and me to some pretty amazing places! We’ve been to great place like Victoria, British Columbia, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, San Francisco (numerous times), Puerto Rico, and Sanibel Island to name a few.

The original intent of this blog was to give my network marketing team a place where they could go to get team training.  But I’ve run across so many people in network marketing and direct sales who have the same struggles and who don’t have an upline they can receive help from so I decided to expand my focus to allow anyone new, seasoned, or searching out the network marketing opportunity to come and learn, be inspired, and be reminded of what it takes to be successful in network marketing.  The path to success is not hard.  But it does take focus and commitment and a will to win.

To find out more about my business and to see if you would be a fit for my team and vise versa, fill out the form under Work With Dayna or email me at hopebuilder01@gmail.com . I look forward to hearing from you!

So, here’s to your success!


The Inspired Networker!

aka. Hope Builder

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