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8 Crucial Qualities of A Good MLM Sponsor

In the 13 years I’ve been involved in Network Marketing I’ve had plenty of opportunity to observe and take note of what makes a good sponsor.  Many times, those  new to our industry have no idea how important it is to choose their MLM sponsor rather than sign up with the first person who comes along.  But if you have the opportunity to take your time and do a little research you will have the advantage of choosing your sponsor wisely.  Here are the top qualities you will want in a good mlm sponsor.

  1. Easily available to their team. One of the most frustrating situations is to be new in the business and not be able to reach your sponsor for help.  Of course no one is available 24/7.  But if they don’t return your emails or calls that is frustrating and leaves you with a feeling that they don’t really care about your success. So before you sign on the dotted line, make sure they will be there for you.
  2. Provides direction without “managing”. You are about to embark on your own business.  You don’t want someone who will try to micro-manage you and your business.
  3. Well connected to the company and up on all the “goings on”. Do they know and understand the new incentives for example and keep their team informed?
  4. Actively building their business with the company you are considering. Preferably, they aren’t in retirement with their business.
  5. A good connection. Be sure that when you talk to them or correspond with them you feel like they are really listening and you have a good rapport.
  6. Actively leading their team with recognition and training! This also means that they see relationships as very important to the life of the business because relationships are  the glue that holds the team together and keeps people in the game.
  7. Positive, upbeat and fun! You certainly don’t want  a sponsor who will drag you down!
  8. Strong integrity. What more can be said on this important point!

Since first writing this post, I’ve created a video on How to find a Good MLM Sponsor with a few more qualities as well.

I hope you enjoy!

So, take this to heart. Choose your sponsor wisely and you will have a much better chance of being extremely successful in Network Marketing! To gain a better understanding of how to build your business and how to be a good sponsor yourself, check out the “5 Lessons For A Successful Home Business” over in the right column!

To your success!


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