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Practicing The Golden Rule In Network Marketing

Practicing the Golden Rule in life is important for happiness. But to NOT practice the Golden Rule in Network Marketing is self sabotaging!

Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.


Don’t do unto others what you Don’t want them to do to you.

I’ve been in Network Marketing now for 17 years and I’ve seen a lot of broken Golden Rules. I’ve also seen the Golden Rule played out beautifully.

If we are Christian Network Marketers striving to honor Christ in all we do, that would definitely include how we run our business.

For example:

If you wouldn’t want others to sell products to your customers, then don’t sell to someone else’s customer if you know the customer already has a distributor. (unless they are in your downline and you transfer points)

If  don’t want someone to persuade your customer or distributor to move over to their team then don’t try to persuade some else’s customer of distributor to move to your team.

How can we practice the Golden Rule in a positive way in our Network Marketing business?

Do encourage open meetings in your area. You may not be able to control what other leaders in your city do but you can control what you do as a leader.

Do have a spirit of generosity.

Do encourage a spirit of sharing with other teams. Share training, training materials, responsibilities. I’ve noticed that the teams that share the most and are the most open and generous are the ones that have great growth and are well respected.

Do respect and protect other people’s downline.

Do operate with the highest integrity in mind.  I love this definition of integrity that I heard at a convention once.

“Integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is looking.”

But there is always someone watching and that is the Lord. If we care about honoring Him in our business then we will be ever mindful.

A word if you’ve broken the Golden Rule.

No one is perfect. You may have broken the Golden Rule in a small or big way but you are ready to change your ways, turn over a new leaf and strive toward a Network Marketing business with integrity.

If you’ve specifically offended someone and it is affecting your relationship with them and your business, go to them in honesty and humility. Admit your wrong action. Tell them you are turning over a new leaf, that you will strive from here on out to operate your business in highest integrity. Isn’t that what you would want them to do to you? (sound familiar?) Don’t bring up what they might have done to you. Don’t have any strings attached.

If you do this, if you practice the Golden Rule in your Network Marketing business, if you make integrity and generosity your highest priority in your business, not only will the Lord bless you for that but you will have peace of mind knowing that you are pleasing God and truly helping others.

May you truly be blessed  as you practice the Golden Rule in your Network Marketing business!


P.S. If you have a business you love that is wonderful! But if you are looking to partner with a company of highest integrity and a leader that is striving to practice the Golden Rule in Network Marketing then let’s talk. Go to Work with Dayna. Let’s see if my team if a fit for you and vise versa.

Christian Network Marketing Company vs. Christian Culture

From time to time I run across people who are specifically looking for a “Christian Network Marketing Company”.

I’ve been involved in Christian Direct Sales companies and love the atmosphere. But does a company really need to be specifically a “Christian” company in order for it to be Christ honoring?

I think, when people are looking for a Christian Network Marketing company, what they really want is a company with a Christian Culture. In other words, a Christ honoring culture.

What makes a strong Christian Culture in a Network Marketing (or even direct sales) company?

  • Strong integrity  – When you find a company with strong integrity you have found a good one. In my opinion, a company without a good strong integrity is a sinking ship.

~~ Integrity at the very top. The owner, CEO, all corporate  leadership.

~~ Integrity with the products. They are what they say they are. They do what the company says they will do.

~~ No lawsuits or legal dirty laundry. I’ve seen too many companies that have long lists of  illegal actions.

~~ Loyalty to the distributors.

  • A spirit of positivity.
  • An Atmosphere of openness and helping one another among distributors whether they are in your team or not.
  • A Strong culture of personal growth and development.
  • Mutual respect and protection of the each other’s teams (organizations). Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Practicing the Golden Rule.
  • Giving honor to God in your business whether in verbal testimony or/and in the way you run your business day in and day out.
  • Language that isn’t foul or vulgar.

A company does not have to be a Christian company with Christian products in order for it to be Christ honoring and have a Christian Culture. Although, I’m certainly not putting down those companies in any way. There are many good ones out there.

At a time when I was in a slump in my business a few years back, I received the quarterly magazine from my company. In it was a letter from our founder and owner’s 22 year old daughter. I was so blessed by it. She very openly shared about her Christian faith and her desire to see Christ honored all around the globe through our company. This, from the person who will one day take the reigns of our company!  I was so blessed! This is not a “Christian” company but one that is honoring Christ from the top down.

So if you are in search of a Christian Network Marketing company, keep you options open and broader by considering the importance of a Christian culture.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Let me know!

Abundant Blessings!


P.S. If you are in that search even now, then you might want to consider joining me. My company fits all those criteria of a Christian Culture mentioned above. Go to Work with Dayna and let’s see if we are a fit.

The Key To A Solid Business

Do you know what the key to a solid business is?

It can be summed up in 3 simple words:

Good Customer Service

The movie below lists 10 important things that are necessary for lasting success, not only in network marketing but in any business.

Grab a pen and some paper and jot them down as you watch the movie. See which ones you can pat yourself on the back about. Star the ones you could do better on.

Then tell me in the comments section below how you scored! Have fun with it!

Experiencing True Passive Residual Income: An Epiphany

I’ve had somewhat of an epiphany!

Recently I’ve come full circle. I’ve been experiencing true passive residual income over the past 3 years and it’s become more evident to me just lately. Where to begin?
Almost 15 years ago I got involved in my first Network Marketing business. For the first several years I worked hard at it, starting from total ignorance. My newcomer’s excitement and enthusiasm carried me through for a long time. And for the first several years I was not tempted whatsoever to look at another company. But then one day at a WAHM event someone from another company waved their big fat check in front of me and I was, for the first time, intrigued and curious. That started me on a path of {blush} “company jumping” on and off for about the last 10 years. My original company was always there and I would “work at it” on and off.  During the longest stint with another company ( almost the last 3 years ), my status and income remained secure and steady with my original company.  So when I received my residual bonus check this month it made me stop and reflect.
Why does this happen? What causes people to stick with a company for 15… 25…40 years? What is it about a product that would keep people coming back month after month? Here are my thoughts and reflections from personal experience and from the observation of many others:

  1. When someone has found a product that has changed their life and they won’t live without it,
  2. When that product is consumable they will order it over and over, month after month,
  3. When that same company has an autoship that helps these customers stay on their life changing products without missing a beat,
  4. When that company has a track record of over 55 years in business, in over 60 countries,
  5. When that company is at the cutting edge of scientific research and in many cases, ahead of the pack in research and discoveries,
  6. When that company has held a high level of integrity in the worlds of science and business,
  7. When that company has faithfully and generously supported it’s distributors and customers for all those years,
  8. When that company has people who have promoted these products steadily for many years, who have never wavered in their message,
  9. When many of those people have become life-long friends and like family that creates a certain kind of bond,
  10. When that company refuses to water down their life-changing formulas and ingredients in the face of a weakened economy,

…this is what results in True, Passive, Residual income!
This is what has caused me to do a double-take. This is what has caused me to appreciate my original company all over again and to ramp up actively sharing again the good the benefits of my original company and their life changing products and business opportunity.

Many good companies are out there. Many companies will come and go. But a company that has these 10 characteristics (and so many more qualities that I haven’t mentioned here) is one worth pursuing, promoting and sticking with for true, passive residual income! And this is what has caused me to come full circle and have my recent epiphany!

May these thoughts help you on your journey to residual income!

aka. hopebuilder

Do You Magnetize Or Repel?

One of those Ah Ha moments! Crystal clear, simple, down to earth. That’s what Mike Dillard‘s training is about Attraction Marketing.

I just re-watched his 7 Free Videos and was struck all over again at how foundational this is to the success of our business, whether part time or full time, online and off line. In fact, learning to be attractive is important and necessary in all areas of life!

It doesn’t matter what your business is, if you are repelling your prospects with your language and tactics, you won’t have a business for long.  And on the flip side of it, if you are using Attraction Marketing techniques it almost  doesn’t matter what you are selling or what your business is, people will be attracted and intrigued because they will be attracted to you.

Mike covers the fundamentals of true Attraction Marketing in his easy to understand 7 video series and the best part about it is that it’s free! In fact, I would say this is the place to start for anyone wanting to learn how to truly be successful in Network Marketing.

Have you watched them yet? Go do it now! They don’t take long to watch and they will make a huge difference in your business!

Go do it now! Get them here.

To your success!

The Inspired Networker!

Success Keys: Simple Activities

Sometimes it seems that the longer we’ve been in the network marketing business the more complicated we  make it.  But one of the key ingredients to massive growth is mlm duplication. And the way to duplicate is to Keep It Simple. Sometimes the more we know, the more we have so many good things about the business and our network marketing company  swimming around in our head. Here are words of wisdom  from one of my company’s top leaders:

I have no idea what you define as success, but whatever it is, pick one of the simple activity you must do to make one of your successes  happen in your life and do it 3 times today. Then do it 3 times tomorrow and the next day and the next until your success becomes a reality.

Success comes through simple consistent activities over a sustained period of time.

I said “simple” activities. Simple doesn’t mean they won’t be difficult or uncomfortable to do. But, remember…

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

My encouragement to you is, don’t make it complicated. Don’t let details stress you out! Keep it simple. Pin point a simple activity today and get going with this simple success strategy!

To your success!


The Inspired Networker

MLM Shutdowns and How To Push Through (part 2)

Welcome back to part 2!  We’ve covered how to prepare for MLM Shutdowns by starting with a good foundation for your network marketing business. Now we are going to talk about what the shutdowns are and how to push through them to success.

Let’s jump right in!

Shutdown #1

Your Warm Market List shuts you down.  The warm market list usually consists of our friends and family. How do you respond and react when they aren’t interested? Or worse, how do you feel and react when they are negative about your new business endeavour and the worst, laugh at you? For some new distributors, this first “shutdown” could stop them before they even really get started. Darren Hardy calls this a landmine in his cd series Making The Shift . He also explains why this happens – why our friends and family would act negatively. But if you are aware of this “landmine” and are working on your strong foundation, then you will be ready and not let your warm market list shut you down. At first you may feel like they are rejecting YOU, but they really aren’t. They are just rejecting the opportunity. You will be able to act like a duck and let their rejection just roll right off your back! You will then say, “Next”!

Shutdown #2

The new distributor on your team who shuts down before he even gets started can be a real downer tempting you to shut down too.  Shutdowns can be a domino effect if we aren’t careful and on our guard. What do you do? You go out and find more!  Always keep adding new business builders to your team.

Shutdown #3

The duplication on your team shutsdown. Do you know why this can happen? There could be several reasons but 2 are:

  1. You may have become a “helicopter” leader, hoovering over your team, getting into management mode. Remember, there are no bosses in this business. Each of us owns our own business. Instead of trying to manage, encourage and inspire and lead by example!
  2. You spend too much time studying your back office to see who is doing anything.

So what should you do when duplication slows down or stops? First of all, be grateful for what you have and who you have on your team. Show them you appreciate them! Stop focusing on what others “should” be doing. Get back to work. Sponsor and train new leaders. As your team sees you working and sponsoring, they will follow.

Shutdown #4

Personal challenges can be a major cause for shutdown. Maybe you have a spouse that just doesn’t get it and is not very supportive of your mlm business. Maybe you are helping care for an ailing parent or you have a special needs child like me. There could be any number of personal challenges to keep us from staying focused in our business.

Keys to Success

To help get you back on track, follow these simple keys:

  1. Get back into action. You won’t have time to focus on these shutdowns!
  2. Get back to your why and your goals.
  3. Stay consistent with your Personal Development plan every day.
  4. Always put a positive spin on things. We can learn something positive in every situation.
  5. Develop your leadership skills.
  6. Strengthen your mlm mindset and belief.
  7. Stay close to the fire. Stay connected to your company and upline through events and conference calls.
  8. Make today count! See each day as the first day in your business!

Sometimes the first step to victory is understanding what could cause shutdowns. I hope these thoughts will inspire you to press on to freedom and and success in your network marketing business!

I would love to hear your comments! And if you are at a fork in the road and are looking for someone to partner up with and would like to join a fast growing and vibrant team, I would encourage you to go to Work With Dayna and get in touch with me!

To your success!

The Inspired Networker!

How To Handle Shutdowns In Your Network Marketing Business

You may think this post is about MLM Shutdowns; you know, companies that have shutdown and are no longer operating. That’s not what this is about. This post is part 1 of a 2 part series about things that shut YOU down in your mlm business and how to handle them.

I just returned from my company’s very exciting and high energy convention. Amidst the inspiring testimonies and talks, new product unveilings, and energetic panel discussions was a thought provoking workshop on shutdowns. Adam and Barbara did a great job, so I will do my best to encapsulate it for you.

First, what exactly is a shutdown in a network marketing business. It’s something that can stop you dead in your tracks in your business. It’s something the brings your exciting momentum to a screeching halt, or something that keeps you from ever really getting started.

Get Ready, Set, Start!

If you are new to Network Marketing you need to set a good foundation right from the start. If you are seasoned, you need to be a good leader by helping your new distributor’s set a good foundation.

  • Establish your WHY carefully. You can review how to do this by reading the post about your why. Make clear and specific goals. If you’ve never made S.M.A.R.T. goals before, you may want to do this with the help of your sponsor. You should do this within your first few days of signing up.

  • Treat your business like a business. In network marketing, remember, you are the boss. You don’t answer to anyone. There is no one telling you when to come in to work, when you can take a vacation or have time off, or how to do your work. It’s great to have that kind of freedom! But that can also be a disadvantage in that you may tend to not take our business seriously. If you treat your business like a business you will get paid like a business. You can’t be successful by only doing it sometime.

  • Make a commitment to Personal Development. Read 10 pages a day and listen 30 minutes a day to good material that will help you grow as a person and as a leader. The person who works more on themselves will be the most successful.

  • Get into Action right away!  Do what Adam Packard calls “Beat the Box”. That means to get someone else signed up in your business or helping a new distributor get someone signed up before their distributor kit even arrives in the mail. How exciting is that?!

  • Keep your Attitude and Expectations in check.

By doing these things, when the possibility for a shutdown comes along, you will have a good foundation to help you get right back up on your feet! If you are a good mlm sponsor you will help your new distributors get started right to help them avoid shutdowns.

Stayed tuned in for Shutdowns part 2! (what are the shutdowns?) I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to leave a comment!

To your success!

The Inspired Networker